Where Is My Office?

Reimagining the Workplace for the 21st Century

By Six Ideas founder
Chris Kane

In collaboration with Six Ideas team member
Eugenia Anastassiou

Shortlisted in Publisher’s Weekly as one of the ‘Top 10’ Business/Economics Books for Autumn/Winter 2020

The first book in 20 years to provide an accessible insight into the significance of corporate real estate, at a time when the value and role of the physical and virtual office in a post COVID-19 world is in question.

With a foreword from Mark Thompson, former CEO of The New York Times, this fascinating book highlights bold new solutions to workplace practices. Where Is My Office? assesses the major issues that leave businesses out of pocket and employees unhappy with the workspaces in which they are expected to spend a major part of their day.

Chris highlights the importance of workplace agility and innovative corporate real estate thinking in ensuring the productivity and efficiency of any organization, while at the same time offering insights into the future of our working environments.

The author presents adaptable and actionable solutions to these issues, emphasising the need for interdepartmental collaboration and the implementation of new technology, all of which can bring about a holistic and adaptable solution to the challenges of workplace efficiency, which in turn can cut costs, minimise risks and increase productivity.

Chris also introduces his ground-breaking ‘Smart Value’ formula which underpinned the success of his work at The Walt Disney Company and the BBC, and which can be adapted to enact meaningful and lasting organizational change in any business.

Where Is My Office?
is available to pre-order
in hardback and Kindle

Praise for Where Is My Office?

Particularly relevant post-Covid, Where is My Office? Is a compelling call for change in the property industry. Supported by insights from experience and bursting with practical solutions, Chris Kane shows how property can be about providing great workplaces and enabling better business outcomes for the customer.

Steven Boyd MBECEO, Government Property Agency

Chris Kane’s prescient account of the changing workplace couldn’t be more timely. As we start framing the required redesign of our post-Covid 19 society, we must rethink the shared value creation opportunities presented by our most enduring asset, our real estate portfolios. Where is My Office is insightful, provocative and helpful.

Seán MeehanMartin Hilti Professor of Marketing & Change Management and the Dean of the MBA program, IMD Business School

With the recent onset of remote working and prevalence of flexible outsourced workspaces, the traditional ‘office’ has never been so obsolete. Chris Kane provides fascinating insights into the future of corporate real estate with this timely and engaging book.

Mark DixonCEO & Founder, IWG

Chris Kane has written an incredibly timely book for leaders thinking through the value and role of the physical and virtual office in a post COVID 19 "new normal" world. The Smart Value Formula presents a play book for executives who have an organizational imperative to optimally engage their employees.

Will SaundersFounder & CEO, AllyAlign Health

The idea of ‘the office’ is at an inflection point today more than ever. While the evolving nature of work, and in turn the role of the office has been a key topic for industry insiders, it is now something that every business leader is asking themselves. This book touches upon these issues and provides a depth of insight that only someone with Chris’s experience and innovative spirit could capture.

Steven QuickChief Executive, Cushman & Wakefield

This timely book from Chris Kane demonstrates much of his deep and insightful expertise. By looking at the dilemmas created by the new ways of working, he offers practical reconciliations – exploring the balance between digital and analogue solutions while also considering the dynamics of individual creativity and teamwork. And there are even answers to the behavioural question of how to create an organizational culture, making this a sustainable process rather than another fashionable quick fix. A must read!

Fons Trompenaarsorganizational theorist, management consultant and author

Chris has a fascinating insight so clearly driven by first-hand experience at the highest level. He has captured the fundamentals of how important the workplace is to businesses and individuals and has done so in a real, personal and engaging way, giving a critical guide to the purpose of the office.

Charlie GreenCo-CEO, The Office Group